Worldwide Overview of Nuclear Submarine Decommissioning Plans and Issues

  • P. L. Ølgaard
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASDT, volume 8)


In 1954 the first nuclear driven vessel, the US submarine NAUTILUS, became operational. Since then a number of countries have built nuclear propelled submarines. The first Soviet nuclear submarine, the K3 LENINSKIY KOMSOMOL, became operational in 1958, the first UK nuclear submarine, DREADNOUGHT, in 1963, and the first French nuclear submarine, LE REDOUTABLE, in 1971. It has been reported that the first Chinese nuclear submarine became operational around 1985. A total of about 500 nuclear propelled vessel have been built since 1954, and of these about 460 or more than 90% have been submarines.


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