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The psychology of fragrance selection

  • J. Mensing
  • C. Beck


Previous research has led to several theories about the physical and psychological factors which influence selection of a particular perfume. One view holds that choice of perfume is non-rational and cannot be explained in psychological terms. Another group represents the viewpoint that external characteristics, such as the colour of a person’s hair or eyes, determine choice of perfume (Jellinek, 1951). Last but not least, a new viewpoint based on rich classical literature (Corbin, 1984) focuses on the relationship between a person’s personality and his or her choice of fragrances (Müller, 1984). This approach appears to be steadily gaining ground. The correlation between personality and fragrance was initially a supposition, but the latest research in the psycho-physiological area supports this idea (Klages and Klages, 1967; Koelega, 1970; Hacke, 1975; Van Toller, 1978; Dodd and Van Toller, 1983; Mensing, 1983; Steiner, 1986).


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