Industrial Areas

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It is difficult to do justice to the mosaic of habitats centred on industrial areas; this is partly due to restrictions over access which has attenuated the literature in all but the field of storage pests. Industrial areas are defined here as the manufacturing districts of towns so does not include the winning of raw materials, water supply, and only occasionally the energy industry. The industrial cycle normally starts with the acquisition of raw materials, frequently from abroad, and these are a well-known source of alien species. The methods by which some of these get dispersed en route to the factory are described in the chapters on railways, roads and canals, but industrial premises or rubbish dumps associated with them, are the major sites where they can be found. The buildings, processing plants and yards where manufacturing occurs provide a hard, largely abiotic and inhospitable landscape but there are a few birds, mammals, insects and plants that have adapted to life in this busy noisy disturbed environment.


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