A Logical Foundation for Real Thermodynamics

  • R. S. Silver
Conference paper
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 70)


During the 1940’s a new approach to engineering thermodynamics had been begun by J.H. Keenan of M.I.T. in postulating thermodynamic activity as process transferring substance. This did not come out clearly for some time, but was greatly clarified in 1961 by Myron Tribus, whose work firmly established the concept of process transferring substance. But neither the Keenan nor the Tribus initiatives, nor any other systematic thermodynamic analysis, attempted to include frictional dissipation. Everyone knew that friction effects are ever present, and indeed that an equivalence between heat and work had been settled by frictional experiments established by Joule. Yet no textbook of thermodynamics included formal analysis of the real inherent effects due to friction. That is why, in doing so, this paper includes the adjective “real” in its title.


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