Challenges Facing the Macroeconomic Policy for Sustainable Development in Agriculture—Based on the Model of Organic Agriculture in Bulgaria

  • Vania IvanovaEmail author
  • Ekaterina Sotirova


The ecological significance of sustainable development has increased dramatically since the so called ‘green economy’ and organic production have been turning into sources of competitive advantage for the country in the international markets. For its part this undoubtedly leads to stronger economic competitiveness. All government’s measures to overcome the consequences of the world economic crisis should aim at directing the economy toward sustainable development and low carbon-emission intensity. The opposite would mean unstable and insecure future, growing production costs as a result of dynamic energy prices and problems in terms of climate changes. Bulgarian economy is strongly dependent on tourism and agriculture. These two sectors show enormous potential for developing ‘green economy’. Adequate macro-economic policy aiming at developing these sectors would serve as an additional incentive for creating competitive advantage. Organic agriculture as a sector provides various opportunities due to the well-established traditions. The production of oil-yielding crops, fruit, vegetables, wine and meat has always had excellent world markets. What would really stimulate and intensify the development of this branch is the establishment of a national fund with the aim to finance the development of new environmental technology and innovation? Eco fees (including the newly introduced carbon dioxide tax) can contribute significantly to this fund. Stimulating the development of ‘green’ production should involve different fiscal and other economic instruments. Long-term tax reliefs and favored development of eco-innovations and biotechnologies facilitate the integration of the environmental aspect in the system of economic, industrial and social policies.


Sustainable development Innovations Organic production Green economy Eco-fiscal policy 


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