Little Meteorological Workshop: An Extracurricular School Activity for Pupils

  • Kornelija Špoler ČanićEmail author
  • Dubravka Rasol
Part of the Innovations in Science Education and Technology book series (ISET, volume 21)


It is crucial to raise awareness about the impact of climate change, and knowledge of meteorology and climatology is very important to achieving this goal. In Croatia, there is still a lack of activities that educate the general public about meteorology. This chapter presents teaching techniques and ideas that we have found to be effective in sharing knowledge of meteorology. These techniques were developed during implementation of the Little Meteorological Workshop (LMW). Since 2007, the LMW has taken place at the Science Festival in Zagreb, where the audience includes the general public. Since 2009, the project has been introduced as an extracurricular school activity in some primary schools, where the main audience is children and teachers. Here, we describe the methods used in the workshop, and we present the evaluation results from workshops held in schools and libraries. The evaluation consisted of an anonymous questionnaire completed by pupils and their teachers. The positive feedback from the evaluation questionnaire and from the classes encouraged us to offer some ideas on implementation of our experience and knowledge into regular school activities.


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First, we would like to thank our colleagues Krešimir Čanić and Kristian Horvath, who joined LMW team and gave us support in organising and leading the LMW in schools. We would also like to thank our young colleagues Ivana Tomašević and Nikola Vikić Topić, students of meteorology, for their active participation in the project. We would like to thank all of our donors, without whose support, the realisation of this project would be much harder. These donors are the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; the Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia; the Department of Geophysics – Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb; the Foundation of Academy of Science and Art; the City of Zagreb; the City of Rijeka; Microton – slušni aparati d.o.o.; and Zagrebački holding d.d.


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