INTERMEZZO: Time Intervention in Public Spaces – The Artist Mark Formanek

  • Dietrich HenckelEmail author
  • Benjamin Könecke
  • Susanne Thomaier
Part of the Urban and Landscape Perspectives book series (URBANLAND, volume 15)


This chapter presents some of the works of the artist Mark Formanek, who lives and works in Berlin. Many of his works and installations in public places are intricate approaches to the topic of time. Formanek is fascinated by abstract, impalpable elements such as wind, smell or time. His works, often installed in public spaces, aim to stimulate people’s awareness of, and reflections on these invisible elements of their environment. The installations are disconcerting, challenging the audience to get involved. Formanek refrains from giving any directions on how to proceed. Observers are free as well as compelled to find their very own approach to what they see and to situate themselves in space and time. Formanek exploits the relation between points in time and spaces of time.


Artwork Public space Perceptions of time 


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