PECCS Measurements in Oxide FETs

  • Seongil ImEmail author
  • Youn-Gyoung Chang
  • Jae Kim
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Oxide FETs or thin-film transistors (TFTs) have been extensively investigated for display and many other electronic applications, since they are expected to promote advances over conventional a-Si TFTs in plastic or glass electronics maintaining low process cost. Among many other oxide channels, crystalline ZnO and amorphous oxides such as InGaZnO were adopted for mainstream devices, Since they have larger energy band gap over 3 eV, they easily contain some density of midgap states at the channel/inorganic dielectric interface. Here, we address PECCS measurements on ZnO-based TFTs in section [1] and on InGaZnO-based TFTs in the next sections of [2, 3]. In the aspects of display industry, InGaZnO TFTs become more important due to their photostability.However, the polycrystalline ZnO is the basic primitive channel material containing higher density traps at the interface with any inorganic dielectrics, being worthy of initial PECCS study.


Oxide ZnO TFT Amorphous InGaZnO Trap DOS Interfacial traps Subthreshold swing 


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