Local and New

  • Jürgen WeidingerEmail author
Part of the Urban and Landscape Perspectives book series (URBANLAND, volume 14)


This chapter deals with the issue of how a concept or a design in landscape architecture or urbanism relates to the actual site to be designed. With the approach of strictly conserving the status quo or a historic situation of a place on one end of the spectrum, and a radical change or renewal on the other, a third option is to draw from site-specific features. In this chapter the author develops the third option further, calling his approach ‘Local and New’, an open, critical interpretation of local particularities and phenomena. Some other authors’ theses and theories are discussed who have influenced this method or cooperated on the project. The principles of the associated design technique are also outlined. In order to illustrate the above, the chapter features implemented design projects of the author, giving an insight into the design process and the possible results of this approach.


Public space Landscape architecture Landscape architectural design theory Landscape architectural design methodology Critical regionalism Genius loci Site-specific design 


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