Marine Protected Areas and Management in the British Virgin Islands

  • Nancy Woodfield PascoeEmail author
  • Joseph Smith-Abbott
  • Shannon Gore
Part of the Coral Reefs of the World book series (CORW, volume 4)


The British Virgin Islands has 14 declared protected areas in the marine environment. In addition, the ‘British Virgin Islands Protected Areas System Plan 2007–2017’ identifies another 40 areas for inclusion in the marine protected area (MPA) network, with designation in progress. The overall goal of the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands (NPTVI) was to create a network of marine protected areas that reflects the major marine and coastal habitats of the BVI, whilst protecting 30 % of the important biological habitats; to cluster protected areas together so that they can be easily managed; and to ensure that there are MPAs distributed across the BVI in order to ensure ‘resilience’ within the network. Network design utilised a mixed approach, with Marxan modelling, field assessment of marine habitats and stakeholder input.


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  • Nancy Woodfield Pascoe
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    Email author
  • Joseph Smith-Abbott
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  • Shannon Gore
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  1. 1.National Parks Trust of the Virgin IslandsRoad Town, TortolaBritish Virgin Islands
  2. 2.Conservation and Fisheries DepartmentGovernment of the Virgin IslandsRoad Town, TortolaBritish Virgin Islands

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