Case 4: Communicating Town

  • Anna VaňováEmail author
  • Alica Božíková
  • Miroslav Foret
Part of the Applying Quality of Life Research: book series (BEPR)


The quality of information given to a public is strongly influenced by the way of communication between the local authority and public. On one hand, members of public are distinguished to passive receivers/observers but, on the other hand, may represent active citizens participating in public and social life.

The aim of the case study is to present main objective of the project Communicating Town. The project was to assist in an improvement of mutual relationships, marketing research and marketing communication, between the council and the public as a way to improve quality of citizen life. At this point the use of opinion polls provides an opportunity for the silent majority of citizens to voice their views. The standardised interviews make it possible to get respondents involved in the marketing communication activities and by this way.


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  • Alica Božíková
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  2. 2.Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, Department of Regional Development and Public AdministrationMendel UniversityBrnoCzech Republic

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