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The Challenge of the Whole: Creating System Policies to Tackle Sustainability

  • Friedrich Schmidt-BleekEmail author
  • Markku Wilenius
  • Harry Lehmann
Part of the Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science book series (ECOE, volume 29)


While the world is talking about climate change, the real challenge of sustainability lies in a diminishing resource base for humans that calls for radical action. Sustainable economic conditions cannot be reached without increasing the resource productivity of the industrialized world dramatically. The price structure as well as economic boni and mali must be adjusted for approaching sustainability. The necessity to change lifestyles needs to be encouraged by all means of public policies. By 2050, the world-wide average per capita consumption shall not exceed 8 tons of material per year. System policies need be developed and applied to ascertain success. We need to start acting now.


Ecosystem Service System Policy Short Term Planning Human Economy Traditional Policy 
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  • Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek
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    Email author
  • Markku Wilenius
    • 2
  • Harry Lehmann
    • 3
  1. 1.Factor 10 InstituteBerlinGermany
  2. 2.Finland Futures Research CentreHelsinkiFinland
  3. 3.The Federal Environment AgencyDessau-RoßlauGermany

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