Fluidization of Nanopowders

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Gas-fluidized beds of some nanopowders exhibit a nonbubbling fluid-like behavior as seen for conditioned fine powders. For example, powders of moderate density nanoparticles, such as silica nanoparticles, can be fluidized by a gas in a nonbubbling fluid-like regime. The suppression of macroscopic gas bubbles in fluidized beds of nanoparticles has been causally related to the formation of porous light aggregates. A phenomenological approach described in this chapter to analyze the behavior of gas-fluidized beds of nanoparticles is to consider aggregates as effective lightweight spheres which may exhibit non-bubbling gas-fluidization similarly to coarse beads fluidized by liquids. These complex-aggregates would be formed by a dynamic aggregation of simple-aggregates pre-existing to fluidization.


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