The Fluidlike Behavior of Granular Materials Fluidized by Liquids

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In contrast with the nonbubbling, solid-like behavior exhibited by gas-fluidized beds of slightly cohesive powders stably fluidized (Geldart A), most beds of noncohesive granular materials can be fluidized by a liquid in a nonbubbling, fluid-like regime. Accordingly, gas-fluidized beds and liquid-fluidized beds have been traditionally considered as separate systems displaying radically different behaviors. In this chapter, empirical observations on liquid-fluidized beds are reviewed as well as empirical criteria formulated to predict the onset of macroscopic bubbling in these systems. An insight is given into the gas-fluidization behavior of fine conditioned powders, revealing a straightforward analogy with the nonbubbling fluid-like behavior of liquid-fluidized beds despite being fluidized by a gas.


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