Origins of Mind

Volume 8 of the series Biosemiotics pp 383-397


The Mind of the Noble Ape in Three Simulations

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The Noble Ape Simulation offers an account of the mind as something that can be observed, measured, and ultimately simulated through external effects. This version of the applied mind is not created through a single method but through layering three simulations relating to information chemistry, social constraints, and evolving narrative. As examples, additional simulation elements in Noble Ape are presented to offer the simulation methodology of Noble Ape. This chapter, rather than being a theoretical critique, is intended as a project report relating to three distinct yet interoperating simulated models of the mind. These are presented both as individual simulations and also the simulations’ interactions. This produces a novel account of the applied mind. The methods used in creating such an applied mind provide an interesting insight into the possible origin of mind through pragmatic application rather than conjecture.


Artificial life Simulation Theories of mind Robotics Social robotics Cognitive science Cognitive simulation Intelligent agents Open source Linguistics Computational linguistics Philosophy of mind Philosophy of language