Study on Safe Remote Control Method of Home Device under Environment of Smart Grid

  • Do-Eun ChoEmail author
  • Si-Jung Kim
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 179)


In recent, as the interest in Green IT rises, the business of Smart Grid called as intelligent electric power network for completion of low-carbon green growth is promoted rapidly. However, smart devices of smart grid environment have a high possibility to be used in various cyber attacks or to be targeted at the cyber attacks by convergence with IT. This paper studied the safe remote control method of home device under the smart grid environment. The remote control method proposed uses a random value and a password and creates a one-time key. Moreover, the remote control method blocked off illegal access from the outside and made it possible to do remote control safely by doing message authentication with the use of this key.


Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure Home Network privacy weakness 


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  2. 2.Research Institute of SSOD Co., Ltd.SeongnamKorea

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