EVM: A New Methodology for Evidential Video Management in Digital CCTV Systems

  • Kyung-Soo LimEmail author
  • Suwan Park
  • JongWook Han
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The current video surveillance systems, due to the increases in the use of IP camera and NVR have made the transition from analog to digital transmission and storage. In means, acquiring or recovering a CCTV video is same as file recovery techniques in digital forensics. A CCTV video uses crucial evidence in the court to prove a suspect was in the crime scene. On the other hand, a lack of research on evidential video management can be damaged reliability and admissibility in a court of law. This paper present EVM which is a methodology for evidence video management establishing chain of the custody and backup archiving mechanism of evidence-video to prevent deletion or overwritten.


Digital CCTV System Video Surveillance Video Forensics Evidence Management Digital Evidence Container 


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