A Study on Image Processing Based Leaf Area Measurement

  • Dae-Heon ParkEmail author
  • Hyun-Joong Kang
  • Se-Han Kim
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Leaf parameters are the most important information for making cultivation method in productive, studies of plant growth element. In this paper, we introduce the image processing method of homography in leaf area estimation. In leaf area image processing steps for leaf area estimation, the first step for measuring is image capturing and frame storing so that the required leaf sample can be acquired. When the leaf is being captured, leaf is put on a white paper with a square reference marker. Leaf is placed in parallel with square marker. The second step is image preprocessing for changing color space and removing noise. The third step is extracting maker area and calculating size from the image frame. The marker has shape of square and diameter of square is 1centimeter. The last step is leaf area extracting and calculation.

We introduce system that a method of compensating an image distortion using planar homography. Experimentally, we have determined that leaf area 94.0645Cm2.


Leaf area Homography Image processing 


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