Subwavelength Focussing in Metamaterials Using Far Field Time Reversal

  • Mathias Fink
  • Fabrice Lemoult
  • Julien de Rosny
  • Arnaud Tourin
  • Geoffroy LeroseyEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 166)


Time reversal is a physical concept that allows focussing of waves both spatially and temporally regardless of the complexity of the propagation medium. Time reversal mirrors have been demonstrated first in acoustics, then with electromagnetic waves, and are being intensively studied in many fields ranging from underwater communications to sensing.

In this chapter we review the principles of time reversal and in particular its ability to focus waves in complex media. We show that this focussing effect depends on the complexity of the propagation medium rather than on the time reversal mirror itself. A modal approach is utilized to explain the results and grasp the physical mechanisms underlying the concept.

A particular focus is given to the possibility of overcoming the diffraction barrier from the far field using time reversal. With this aim, we return to the first proof of concept of this original approach. Those results are explained in terms of the coherent excitation of subwavelength modes. In particular, we show that a finite size medium consisting of coupled subwavelength resonators, which we call a resonant metalens, supports modes which radiate spatial information of the near field of a source efficiently in the far field. We show that such a process, due to reversibility, enables us to beat the diffraction limit using far field time reversal, and especially that this result occurs due to the inherent broadband nature of time reversal. We then generalize the concept to other types of media, and finally show experimentally that it is also valid for acoustic waves, demonstrating deep subwavelength focal spots obtained within an array of soda cans.


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