Novel Ultrasound Imaging Applications

  • Francesco SimonettiEmail author
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Routine applications of ultrasound imaging combine array technology and beamforming (BF) algorithms for image formation. Although BF is very robust, it discards a significant proportion of the information encoded in ultrasonic signals. Therefore, BF can reconstruct some of the geometrical features of an object but with limited resolution due to the diffraction limit. Inverse scattering theory offers an alternative approach to BF imaging that has the potential to break the diffraction limit and extract quantitative information about the mechanical properties of the object. High-resolution, quantitative imaging is central to modern diagnostic technology to achieve cost-effective detection through high sensitivity and limited false positive rate. This chapter lays out a framework encompassing theoretical and experimental results, and in which inverse scattering and modern array technology can be combined together to achieve super-resolution, quantitative imaging.


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The author is grateful to the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for supporting this work under grant EP/F00947X/1.


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