Family Entolomataceae

  • Machiel E. Noordeloos
  • Genevieve M. Gates
Part of the Fungal Diversity Research Series book series (FDRS, volume 22)


A definition of the family Entolomataceae is given with full synonymy followed by a key to the genera, and a taxonomic synopsis of the species encountered in Tasmania. Full references to the cited literature are given.


Electron Microscopy Transmission Electron Microscopy Spore Wall Polar View Longitudinal Ridge 
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  1. Horak, E. (2008). Agaricales of New Zealand 1: Pluteaceae – Entolomataceae. In The fungi of New Zealand (Fungal Diversity Research Series, no. 19, Vol. 5). Hong Kong: Fungal Diversity Press.Google Scholar

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Machiel E. Noordeloos
    • 1
  • Genevieve M. Gates
    • 2
  1. 1.Section National Herbarium of the NetherlandsNetherlands Centre for Biodiversity NaturalisLeidenThe Netherlands
  2. 2.School of Plant ScienceUniversity of TasmaniaHobartAustralia

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