Practical Uses of Administrative and Cultural Categories Across the Field of Pro-Gypsy Activities in France Today: Activist Constructions and Adaptations to Political Categorizations

  • Anne-Cécile RenouardEmail author


This chapter analyzes the mobilization in favor of Gypsy and traveler groups in contemporary France from the perspective of group-building. I consider to what extent group-building and claims-making are related to and constrained by preexisting institutional frames, on the one hand, and related to organizations’ grassroots support and activists’ sociological types, on the other. Beyond a common Gypsy label, I argue that the discursive strategies of Gypsy and pro-Gypsy activists exemplify the multifaceted political, cultural, and socioeconomic aspects of the Gypsy issue, thus leading to understand the field of pro-Gypsy activities as highly fragmented.


Collective Action Legal Action Legal Strategy Administrative Status Parliamentary Debate 
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