Spinal Epidural Angiolipoma

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Part of the Tumors of the Central Nervous System book series (TCNS, volume 6)


Spinal epidural angiolipoma (SEA) is a rare benign vascular and lipomatous tumor with predominant vascular component. Clinically, it is located often in the mid-thoracic region. The symptoms are principally pain and progressive paraparesia. SEA are classified in two types: noninfiltrating SEA generally arising from the posterior epidural space and, less frequently infiltrating SEA which arise from the anterior or antero-lateral epidural space and usually involves the local tissues. On MRI, most SEA show iso- or hyperintensity on T1-weighted images, hyperintensity on T2-weighted images and enhancement with gadolinium injection. The treatment is total surgical resection and no adjuvant radiation therapy should be administrated. The prognosis, even in infiltrating SEA, is excellent.


Spinal epidural angiolipoma 


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