Non-Dysraphic Intradural Spinal Cord Lipoma: Management Guidelines

  • Syed M. R. KabirEmail author
  • Adrian T. H. Casey
Part of the Tumors of the Central Nervous System book series (TCNS, volume 6)


Spinal cord lipomas are rare lesions and mostly associated with spinal dysraphism. Truly non-dysraphic spinal cord lipomas are very rare and their management remains controversial. However, the extent of surgical resection does not necessarily correlate with the outcome. Surgery should therefore aim at preserving neural structure and balancing this with extent of decompression required. Aggressive debulking should be avoided. Asymptomatic patients can be managed with serial follow-up. However, onset of any neurological symptoms/signs, bowel or bladder symptoms or intractable local symptom should be an indication for surgery.


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