Theoretical and Experimental Nonlinear Vibrations of Sagged Elastic Cables

  • Giuseppe Rega
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 181)


The chapter presents a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in the theoretical and experimental research on modelling, analysis, response, and nonlinear/nonregular phenomena in the finite amplitude, resonant, forced dynamics of sagged, horizontal or inclined, elastic cables. Asymptotic solutions and a rich variety of features of nonlinear multimodal interaction occurring in various resonance conditions are comparatively discussed. Dynamical and mechanical characteristics of some main experimentally observed responses are summarised, along with the relevant robustness, spatio-temporal features, and dimensionality. Challenging issues arising in the characterisation of involved bifurcation scenarios to complex dynamics are addressed, and hints for proper reduced-order modelling in cable nonlinear dynamics are obtained from both asymptotic solutions and experimental investigations, in the perspective of a profitable cross-validation of the observed nonlinear phenomena.


Suspended cable resonant nonlinear dynamics asymptotic solution experimental analysis bifurcation and chaos reduced-order modelling 


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