Concluding Remarks: Normative Guidelines for Conceptualizing NGOs as Legitimate Partners of Corporations and Future Implications

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Part of the Issues in Business Ethics book series (IBET, volume 36)


The conclusions wrap up the discussion by outlining the central normative guidelines that can be derived from this book for judging the legitimacy of NGOs as partners of corporations. It includes points which refer to the political-theoretical level on the one hand, and points that refer to the more “pragmatic” level on the other. The latter are expressed in the form of rights and duties of legitimate partner NGOs and of corporations which interact with them. These points take the form of a plea for a political conceptualization of NGOs as legitimate partners of corporations and of NGO-business partnerships as such. The book ends with suggestions for future research on a conceptual and empirical level and with a few implications for practitioners.


Rights and duties of legitimate partner NGOs Political-theoretical guidelines for assessing the interaction between NGOs and corporation 


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