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  • I-Ming Chen
  • Chee Kian Lim
  • Guilin Yang
  • Kok-Meng Lee
Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 4)


This monograph has presented study on a permanent magnet spherical actuator with the following tasks: (1) formulation of the magnetic field produced by the PM-pole rotor; (2) torque modeling of the spherical actuator; (3) design and prototyping of the spherical actuator; (4) experimental investigation on the magnetic field distribution and torque variation; (5) investigation of a non-contact orientation measurement method base on laser detection. All these works are fundamental and critical to the position and velocity servo control of the PM spherical actuator. This chapter summaries the works that have been accomplished, and also recommends the future research topics.


Current Input Torque Output Rotor Surface Torque Variation Backstepping Control 
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