The goal of this book is to enable realization of monolithic inductive DC-DC converters, having both maximal overall power conversion efficiency and a maximal power density. Therefore, the novel control schemes, together with practical circuit implementations, are used to increase the average performance. The combined knowledge of both inductive DC-DC converter and control techniques and systems, leads to the various practical chip realizations, which are described in this chapter. Thereby, the hands-on approach is continued, providing the designer the essential feeling of the various practical implementation and measurements issues. At the same time the reader is provided with the idea of what (and what not) is to be expected from monolithic inductive DC-DC converters in various standard CMOS technologies, performance wise. The practical implementation possibilities, involving the essential components of the DC-DC converter’s power stage: inductors, capacitors and switches, are discussed in Sect. 6.1. Comments on the main measurement principles and setups are provided in Sect. 6.2. The various practical implementations of monolithic inductive boost and buck converters are discussed in the respective Sects. 6.3 and 6.4. A side-by-side comparison of the measurements of the implementations discussed in this book and the implementations described in the literature is performed in Sect. 6.5. Finally, this chapter is concluded in Sect. 6.6.


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