Chimney of Fluidization and “Sandboil” in a Granular Soil

  • P. PhilippeEmail author
  • M. Badiane
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Part of the Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering book series (SSGG, volume 11)


In this paper, we report experimental results on the development in an immersed granular bed of a fluidized zone under the effect of a confined liquid flow upward. For this, two optical techniques (index-matching and laser induced fluorescence) have been combined to visualize the interior of a model granular medium made of glass beads. For small flow rates, the bed remains static while it gets fluidized in a vertical chimney at larger flow rates. For intermediate flow rates, a fluidized cavity can be observed in the vicinity of the injection hole. This cavity can either reach a steady-state or progressively expand up to the top at a small speed. The stability of such a cavity reveals a strong hysteretic behavior depending on whether the flow rate increases until fluidization or decreases after fluidization. We present here some characteristics of the phenomenon: phase diagram, regime of stable fluidized cavity, kinematics of fluidization front.


Fluidization Instability Sandboil Granular medium Refractive index matching 


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