Bladed Disks

  • J. S. Rao
Part of the History of Mechanism and Machine Science book series (HMMS, volume 20)


Bladed-disk vibrations were well studied because of the critical fatigue problems. They are the most stressed systems in machines. Campbell [5], Stodola [52] and Sezawa [48] are amongst the first few who studied the bladed-disks. Kroon [25] applied difference calculus to the case of lashed blades to determine the blade stresses. Though no vibrations were considered, this paper is the first attempt to point out that the whole blade group should be considered. Smith [51] made a two-dimensional free vibrational analysis in the tangential direction using a dynamic stiffness matrix method on a six and twenty bladed group. His contribution was most significant since the group frequencies and mode shapes were determined for the first time as shown in Figure 17.1.


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