Truth Values

  • Yaroslav ShramkoEmail author
  • Heinrich Wansing
Part of the Trends in Logic book series (TREN, volume 36)


In this introductory chapter, we show how Gottlob Frege’s notion of a truth value has become part of the standard philosophical and logical terminology. Nowadays, the notion of a truth value is an indispensable instrument of a functional analysis of language and realistic, model-theoretic approaches to logical semantics. Moreover, the idea of truth values has induced a radical rethinking of some central issues in the philosophy of logic, including: the categorial status of truth and falsehood, the theory of abstract objects, the subject-matter of logic and its ontological foundations, and the concept of a logical system. This chapter presents a general explication of the very idea of a truth value as well as an overview of the basic philosophical topics related to this concept.


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