Dynamical Coupling Between Different Regions of Equatorial Atmosphere

  • Geetha RamkumarEmail author
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Based on the current understanding of the atmospheric dynamics, the prominent waves and oscillations present in the equatorial middle atmosphere and the wave–mean flow interaction are discussed in this chapter. The middle atmospheric dynamics studies conducted from Indian region during last few decades are summarized to some extent. The gravity waves and equatorial waves generated in the lower atmospheric region are found to couple different regions of atmosphere dynamically, as they propagate upward into mesospheric heights. The ground-based observational studies conducted at Indian stations to quantitatively estimate the forcing by gravity waves toward the generation of quasi-biennial oscillation, stratopause semi-annual oscillation, and mesopause semi-annual oscillation are also discussed in this chapter. The chapter concludes with the mention of importance of these observational studies from tropical region in climate-related issues.


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I wish to acknowledge the encouragement given by Director, Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC in preparing this chapter. I express my sincere gratitude toward all investigators of the EWS 2000 and MIDAS program, scientists/engineers from Rohini Sounding Rocket project, Meteorological Facility, NARL, and EGRL.


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