The Neurath–Horkeimer-Controversy Reconsidered: Otto Neurath’s Erwiderung to Max Horkheimer’s Attack Against the Vienna Circle

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Part of the Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science book series (LEUS, volume 18)


The history of the relations between the Frankfurt School and the Vienna Circle during the period between the world wars is now generally well known. Since the eighties and nineties historians and historians of science like Friedrich Stadler, Elisabeth Nemeth, Rainer Hegselmann, George Albert Reich and Hans-Joachim Dahms described the “Exodus of scientific reason”1 under the rule of National Socialists in detail.


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I thank the stuff of the librarians in the Haarlem-Archive of the Rijksarchief in Noord-Holland for their invaluable help and my colleague Karsten Strathausen for reviewing this english version of my text. – Thanks also to Thomas Bonk for his english translation of Neurath’s Erwiderung.

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