Rotating Internal Damping in the Case of Composite Shafts

  • G. Jacquet-RichardetEmail author
  • E. Chatelet
  • T. Nouri-Baranger
Conference paper
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There is an increasing range of applications for rotors made of composite materials and operating at supercritical speeds. Design of such structures involves specific features which have to be accounted for in order to allow safe operations. A proper modeling of the mechanical characteristics of the composite is first needed. But, as far as the structure is rotating, the effect of stress stiffening and spin softening may be considered and the effect of internal damping has to be studied in order to avoid possible instability. Internal or rotating damping modeling remains an active field of research where both theoretical developments and experimental results are needed.


Rotating shaft Composite material Instability Internal damping Rotating damping 



The authors wish to thank Pr. C. Hochard from the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique, UPR CNRS 7051 Marseille France and Dr O. Montagnier for providing the experimental data presented in Sect. 4.


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