Between Translation and Adaptation: Turkish Editions of Ganot’s Traité

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In a petition sent to the Ministry of Education in 1870, Tahsin Bey, the Rector of Darulfunun (University) listed the instruments needed for physics lectures. The list included 130 instruments of 108 different types which were to be bought in France. At the end of the list, he added an unprecedented note concerning a specific instrument, the resonance pipe. According to this note, this instrument “should be the same as the one shown in figures 178, 180–184 of the 13th edition of Ganot’s book published in 1868”.1 Imagine an official of the Ottoman government walking through the streets of Paris with Ganot’s book in hand and visiting the shops of instrument-makers.


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I would like to thank Feza Günergun for her constructive suggestions as well as her assistance in translating the texts in French. I am also thankful to Şeref Etker for lending me his personal copy of İlm-i Hikmet-i Tabiiye and for sharing publications; to Arsen Yarman for providing biographical information on Antranik Gırcikyan; to Tomas Terziyan for translating the texts in Armenian into Turkish; and to Darina Martykánová for sending copies from Traité’s 16th edition and for her comments on this chapter.

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