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I grew up in a small coastal town near Savannah, Georgia. Darien, my hometown, was founded in 1736, making it the second oldest city in Georgia. Despite major growth around it, Darien remains a quaint and unspoiled coastal town, with ancient live oaks and beautiful Spanish moss. With its strong sense of community, Darien was a good place for instilling values that would serve anyone well. Many of my friends stayed after high school, and those who left for military service or college often returned to the area to live.


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I am grateful to Elizabeth Chur for her many excellent suggestions and help with the writing of this manuscript. Also, I thank my earlier devoted assistants, Mary Peterson, B.J. Burnett, Nancy Esajian, and my present assistants, Amy Bates and Vanessa Dancer, for a level of loyalty and support which is truly uncommon. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to Mozelle, Consuelo, and Malaika for their support. Finally, to my granddaughters, Madison and Siena Kattke, who have inspired me to “keep first things first.”

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