Zaner’s Generative Spirit

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  • Anne H. Bishop
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Richard Zaner’s creative work evokes generative thinking and ways of being in others. What is generated does not only occur as part of the original encounter but continues to generate well beyond it. Dick became our mentor at a crucial time in the development of our work together. Anne, an experienced and recognized nursing educator, was very interested in pursuing the meaning of nursing but did not know how to go about it. Jack, a philosopher, was interested in ferreting out the meaning of caring practices but with little or no experience in or knowledge of health care practices. Dick helped us to see how our experiences and concerns could be brought together in a quest to make sense out of nursing. He contributed directly to our work through his interpretation of health care and its ethics. Dick’s generative way of thinking and of being has fostered our thought concerning the meaning of being a good nurse and beyond that to the meaning of being and becoming a good person.


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