A Story Teller’s Story: Richard Zaner as Hero (HĒ row)

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I look around his office as I wait to meet with this teacher-ethicist. On the wall behind his door I notice the standard academic patchwork of framed bits of recognition. A certificate of successful Ph.D. completion. An award from the University Medical Center for dedication and work in “Medical Ethics.” A diploma saying “Masters of Arts.” All things seem right in the world, until my eye catches the words “Flying Cross.” Is it real? Is it a type of ironic humor? As I sit waiting for Professor Zaner to finish jotting a note on my research paper, I more carefully exam the wall. This framed certificate recognizes valor and bravery in war. It is a “distinguished” flying cross, which seems pretty rare to me. In my years of working under the guidance of this graduate school professor not a word had been breathed about this honor. No reference to it appears in any of his biographies on jacket flaps of his book. Is this real? I know he served in Korea but I just assumed it was a desk job of some kind.


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