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All the essays in this volume were written expressly to honor the work—the teaching and the writing—of Richard Morris Zaner. Like the best teachers, Zaner has encouraged, even provoked, people to think for themselves precisely while he outfitted them with basic conceptual tools for engaging in that thinking. In his writing he has opened up original pathways for approaching both perennial and novel subject areas in philosophy. The contributions to this book reflect in quite creative ways the manifold forms in which Zaner has affected the thought and, indeed, the lives of the authors.


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We would like to express our profound appreciation to the contributors to this volume. Readers will easily perceive that these essays, with their depth of feeling and thought, pay powerful tribute to Zaner’s accomplishments and to his gifts of philosophical understanding to them. We too would like to thank Dick for his friendship over many years and for the education he continues to give us.

Readers who wish to see more essays that discuss Zaner’s writings on clinical ethics should consult the issue of Theoretical Medicine also devoted to his work (Sadler & Wiggins 2005).


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