Aqueous Inorganic Sonochemistry



This chapter discusses the effect of ultrasound propagation in water and aqueous solutions, in the atmosphere of inert and reactive gases. Sonochemical studies of aqueous solutions of divalent and trivalent metal ions and their salts have been reviewed and the precipitation behaviour of hydroxides of metal ions has been discussed. Synthesis of nanoparticles of many metals using ultrasound and in aqueous solutions has also been discussed briefly. Besides, the nephelometric and conductometric studies of sonicated solutions of these metal ions have been reported.


Cavitation Bubble Ultrasonic Irradiation Ethyl Pyruvate Ultrasonic Field Silica Microsphere 
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Author is grateful to DST, AICTE, BRNS-DAE and SAP-UGC research grants for this work. A very special thanks to Dr. Sonu Dubey and Dr. Manju Chauhan for the experimental work, carried out in our laboratory and reported in this monograph and to Mr. Mayank Verma (JRF-UGC) and Ms. Shikha Goyal (JRF-CSIR) for their referral assistance.


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