Utilitarian-Aesthetic Dynamics of Nature

  • Ludmila Molodkina
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 101)


The philosophic problem of Home gains a new sounding in phenomenological interpretation of Ontopoesis of Life by Alma-Teresa Tymieniecka. She believes that Home, as a Place, is not only a building or a dwelling. In the process of structuring the stages of life’s individualization the phenomenon of Home becomes a dominating link in self-determination of human creativity. Within the space of several centuries the thinkers shaped up a philosophic concept of Home as condenser of Memory, memory of forefathers. In the consciousness of a human being the notion of “Home” has always been associated with remembrances of childhood, youth, adolescence, becoming, departure from paternal home, with the feeling of love to Motherland, with nostalgia for nice nature surrounding home (flowers, trees etc.). Phenomenologica1 erception of “Home” has always been connected with the desire to preserve it as a whole, as a “personified memorial” or its separate attributes, which with the passage of time gain a character of “guardians” of former traces (households, habits and ways, skills etc.). Separate household items such as period furniture, crockery, clothes, paintings etc. become the carriers of Home’s memory, the guardians and holders of home Aura, the footprints of the past in the present.


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