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  • Jurgen J. Fütterer
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  • 20 % of general population have claustrophobia.

  • Patient positioning important: Try prone position or head outside the bore or gantry.

  • Mild sedation (e.g., benzodiazepine) can be applied.

Cervical Carcinoma

  • Cervical epithelium can undergo a series of gradual histologic changes from progressively severe dysplasia to carcinoma in situ (CIS) and invasive carcinoma.

  • Invasive carcinoma spreads by direct extension to adjacent organs: vagina, pelvic wall, bladder, and rectum. Metastatic lymphadenopathy occurs commonly in the pelvic lymph nodes, but it also involves the periaortic chains in about 20 % of patients.

  • The identification of cervical carcinoma in MRI is simple because the high-signal-intensity lesion contrasts with the marked low-signal-intensity cervical stroma on T2W images. Areas of coagulative necrosis may appear as small foci of lower signal intensity within the tumor mass.

  • Tumors responding to treatment generally lose signal intensity on T2W images.

  • T1W images...


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