Diseases of the Colon and Rectum: CT Colonography

  • C. Dan Johnson
  • Perry J. Pickhardt


The public health need for colorectal cancer screening is compelling. Colorectal cancer is common, accounting for approximately 50,000 deaths yearly in the USA [1]. The benign precursor, adenoma, can be detected by several different imaging techniques and removal can prevent malignant transformation. The approximately 10-year polyp dwell time allows ample opportunity for patients to be screened and polyps detected and removed. Potentially, under ideal screening circumstances, an entire class of cancers could be prevented. However, barriers exist to ideal screening, including suboptimal performance of many existing colorectal screening tests, reluctant compliance by patients to follow recommended screening guidelines, and variable insurance coverage of examination charges. In many ways, computed tomography colonography (CTC) approaches an ideal screening test by addressing issues and problems inherent with other techniques. This syllabus highlights many key issues for CTC.


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