Rare Causes of Acquired Hypoparathyroidism

  • Jean-Louis WémeauEmail author


Acquired hypoparathyroidism may be due to rare causes, which are sometimes unfamiliar to the medical community. These forms may of parathyroid insufficiency can be the result of severe progressive disease, even though they may be presenting signs of the diagnosis.

Therefore, metabolic monitoring of patients who have received irradiation, particularly with radioactive iodine, can detect transient or extended parathyroid hypofunctioning. These forms may also be observed with infiltrative conditions that are granulomatous, inflammatory, or fibrous (Riedel’s) thyroiditis and metastatic disease or that occur with iron or copper overload (hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease). They may also occur with extensive burns, especially in children. Among other causes, hypocalcemia in newborns may suggest maternal hypercalcemia, mainly related to primary hyperparathyroidism.


Radiation-induced hypoparathyroidism Granulomatosis Riedel’s thyroiditis Hemochromatosis Wilson’s disease Neonatal hypocalcemia 


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