Periapical Lesions

  • Ignazio Pandolfo
  • Silvio Mazziotti


Inflammatory periapical lesions can be confusing in some aspects due to the lack of pathognomonic radiological images, able to characterise the different pathological entities, and the lack of clinical verification which often characterises the orthopantomography radiological reports. The possibility of having clinical functional information at disposal can be the key factor in precisely marking out the radiological images, which often are nonspecific. It is evident that, in the frequent case of the evaluation of radiological images in a context lacking of clinical information, the radiologist has to describe the picture accurately, without employing terms which subtend complex pathological realities, but describing only elementary alterations (interruption of the lamina dura, periapical lytic lesion, perialveolar osteosclerosis, etc.).


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