Phenomenology of quantum systems and Wave Mechanics: an overview

  • Valter Moretti
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In this chapter we try to arouse in the user a naïve feel about what the terms quantumsystem and quantum phenomenology underlie. The more mathematically-orientedreader, perhaps not so interested in the genesis of QM’s notions in physics, may skipthe sections following the first. From sections two, in fact, we will mention a numberof experimental facts, and briefly review the theoretical “proto-quantum” methodsthat led to the formulation of wave mechanics first, and then to proper QM. Manyof the physics details can be found in [Mes99, CCP82]. We shall eschew discussingimportant steps in this historical development, e.g. atomic spectroscopy, models ofthe atom (Rutherford’s, Bohr’s, Bohr-Sommerfeld’s), the Franck-Hertz experiment,for which we recommend physics textbooks (e.g. [Mes99, CCP82]). This overview ismeant to shd light on the basic theoretical model behind QM, developed in ensuing chapters.


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