Advection-diffusion-reaction (ADR) problems

  • Luca Formaggia
  • Fausto Saleri
  • Alessandro Veneziani
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We have seen in  Chapter 3 that Galerkin method applied to elliptic problems in the form: find uVH 1 (Ω) such that
$$ a\left( {u,v} \right) = F\left( v \right) \forall v \in V, $$
provides a convergent solution in the H 1(Ω) norm that satisfies
$$ {\left\| {{u_h}} \right\|_V} \leqslant \frac{M}{\alpha }, {\left\| {u - {u_h}} \right\|_{{H^1}(\Omega )}} \leqslant \frac{\gamma }{\alpha }\mathop {\inf }\limits_{{v_h} \in {V_h}} {\left\| {u - {u_h}} \right\|_{{H^1}(\Omega ),}} $$
where M is the continuity constant of F(·), α and γ coercivity and continuity constants of a(·,·) respectively. In practice, these inequalities can be meaningless when the constants involved are large. In particular if γ ≫ α the second inequality is an effective bound for the error only if \(\mathop {\inf }\limits_{{v_h} \in {V_h}} {\left\| {u - {v_h}} \right\|_{{H^1}(\Omega )}}\) is small. For a finite element discretization, this corresponds to a small value of the mesh size h. The associated discretized problem can be therefore computationally expensive or even not affordable.


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