The History of Percutaneous Valvuloplasty

  • Alessandro Fontanelli


The cardiointerventional era began in 1953 with the first percutaneous interventional procedure consisting of a wire pulmonary valvuloplasty performed by Rubio-Alvarez. In 1964 Dotter and Judkins performed the dilatation of the peripheral arteries using a coaxial double catheter with an outer diameter of 8 and 12 French respectively, which allowed for a mechanical dilatation of leg arterial stenosis. Nine years later, Porstmann described the first catheter with a latex balloon, but the first modern balloon catheter was reported by Gruentzig in 1976: it was a sausage-shaped polyvinyl chloride balloon at the tip of a double lumen catheter. In one year the indications for percutaneous dilatation were expanded from the iliac to the renal and coronary arteries. For these reasons percutaneous coronary balloon angioplasty can be considered the evolution of the Dotter technique and the Rubio-Alvarez procedures, and the current balloon percutaneous valvuloplasty a further application.


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