Pancreatic Anatomy, Variants and Pseudolesions of the Pancreas

  • Emilio Barbi
  • Salvatore Sgroi
  • Paolo Tinazzi
  • Stefano Canestrini
  • Anna Gallotti
  • Mirko D’Onofrio


For many years the pancreas was left unexplored by radiologic research except indirectly and for more important diseases, such as calcifications in chronic pancreatitis on plain film radiography, gastric and duodenal imprint of largest masses on the barium meal study or the neoplastic involvement of peri-pancreatic vessels on the angiographic study.


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  • Salvatore Sgroi
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  • Paolo Tinazzi
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  • Stefano Canestrini
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  • Anna Gallotti
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  • Mirko D’Onofrio
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