Role of Endoscopy in Palliative Treatment

  • Luca Rodella
  • Francesco Lombardo
  • Filippo Catalano
  • Angelo Cerofolini
  • Walid El Kheir
  • Giovanni de Manzoni
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Approximately 50% of patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) have metastatic disease at presentation and are candidates for palliative therapy. The median age of these patients is 65 years such that palliative surgery has a high morbidity and mortality. The main goal of endoscopic therapy in patients with advanced cancers is the palliation of dysphagia, which contributes to improved nutritional status and quality of life. Bleeding and esophago-respiratory fistulas may also be palliated. Several endoscopic palliative treatments are available for ESCC patients, as summarized in Table 18.1.


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